3500 words portfolio analysing Contemporary Conflict, University of Bradford

Analysing Contemporary Conflict
Portfolio assessment for academic year 2022-3
Your portfolio should contain 2 tasks:
1. A detailed conflict analysis case-study (3500-3800 word essay)
2. A short reflection on the most significant changes in your
understanding this semester (400 words)

1. Conflict Analysis Case-Study
This is an extended analysis of a social conflict which should demonstrate your
ability to distinguish and critically analyse causes and drivers of conflict using
appropriate theoretical frameworks and/or analytical tools that we have looked at
together in this module.
You should choose a case-study for which there is sufficient existing
academic literature and use this to develop your own argument.
You can approach this task in different ways by choosing either a., b. or c.
a. A general conflict analysis essay which develops an argument
regarding the most significant causes/drivers of conflict, drawing on relevant
theoretical/analytic frameworks.
b. Applying and testing one specific theoretical explanation of conflict
(e.g. social identity theory) in relation to your chosen case – i.e. what does X
theory help us to understand about conflict Y and what are the limitations of this
c. Applying and testing one specific conflict analysis tool – e.g using a
specific conflict mapping method to develop a visual representation of key
causes, drivers, stakeholder perspectives, etc of conflict in your chosen case-
study, developing a critical commentary on where/how this furthers
understanding and the limitations of this approach.
2. Reflection
This should identify the most significant change in your knowledge and
understanding that has developed during the module, explaining what this is
and why it is a significant change for you personally.

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