Annotated bibliography on frederick douglass, “narrative of the life


Create a thorough Annotated Bibliography on Frederick Douglass, “Narrative of the life of Frederic Douglass, An American Slave, Written by Himself”. You must include 5 scholarly, peer reviewed articles found through Onesearch or in the books in the library, and 2 online sources, for a total of 7 sources. Each entry should consist of an accurate MLA citation for the source and an approximately 250 words annotation and 5 page which doesn’t include the letter page


Each annotation should answer Goethe’s three questions:

1) What does it do? Provide a brief description of the article’s main argument. Explain the main point and the supporting evidence of the argument.


2.) How well does it do it? Asses the argument. Consider how effective it is, does the author provide good, persuasive evidence? Does the author provide good sources? Why should we believe this person?


3) Is it worth doing? In this case, who would best be able to use this source? It is helpful for a serious scholar, or better for someone with no literary background? Is it a good example of the literary scholarship, or does it mostly summarize? 

(When you look for your online sources, look carefully, and remember the general guidelines. Look for actual scholarly sources online. They do exist, and they usually have .edu domains. 

Write a letter: The letter is one-page letter to the instructor. This should include in the single Microsoft word document that contain your paper, but not included in the paper’s page length. In the letter, please discuss your paper-writing process. Why did you choose your subject? What aspect of your paper are you especially pleased with/concerned about? What were you trying to accomplish with your argument? Are there particular aspects of your writing that you would particularly like feedback on?   

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