ashford 2: – week 1 – assignment understanding public policy in a


Ashford 2: – Week 1 – Assignment

Understanding Public Policy

In a three to four page APA paper (not including cover and reference pages), address the following:

·  Assess the importance of policy analysis during the development and implementation stages of public policy. 

·  Discuss the social impact of policies.

·  Discuss the limitations policies have on government power. 

Use at least one of the assigned articles to support your position and cite the reference appropriately.


Text for this course all 6 weeks

·        Dye, T.R. (2010).  Understanding public policy (13th ed.).  Longman: Pearson Prentice Hall.


Articles you might keep this list may come up all 6 weeks and maybe it will help you with doing the assignments 

·        Anderson, C. W.  (1988). Political judgment and policy analysis.  Public Administration Quarterly, 11(4), 439-462. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

·        Boerner, K. & Uebelmesser, S. (2007).  Migration and the welfare state: The economic power of the non-voter?              International Tax and Public Finance, 14(1), 93-111. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

·        Eisinger, P. (2006).  Imperfect federalism: The intergovernmental partnership for Homeland Security.  Public Administration Review, 66(4), 537-545. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

·        Fossett, J.W.,   Ouellette, A.R.,  Philpott, S., Magnus, D. & McGee, G. (2007).  Federalism & bioethics: States and moral pluralism. The Hastings Center Report, 37(6), 24-35. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

·        Gould, J.B. (2002).  Playing with fire: The civil liberties implications of September 11th.  Public Administration Review: Special Issue, 62, 74-79. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

·        Haller, S.F. & Gerrie, J. (2007). The ole of science in public policy: Higher reason, or reason for hire? Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 20(2), 139-165. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

·        Houston, M.J. & Rothschild, M.L. (1980).  Policy-related experiments on information provision: A normative model and explication. JMR, Journal of Marketing Research, 17(4), 432. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

·        Hubbard, R. G., Skinner & J., Zeldes, S. P. (1994).  Expanding the life-cycle model: Precautionary saving and public policy. The American Economic Review, 84(2), 174. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

·        Lavis, J.N., Posada, F.B., Haines, A. & Osei, E. (2004).  Use of research to inform public policymaking. The Lancet, 364(9445), 1615-21. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

·        Nordhaus, R. & Danish, K.W. (2005).  Assessing the options for designing a mandatory U. S. greenhouse gas reduction program. Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review, 32(1), 97-163. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

·        Witko, C. (2006). PACs, issue context, and congressional decision making. Political Research Quarterly, 59(2), 283-292, 294-295. Retrieved from ProQuest database.



·        Forbes. (2013, March 10). Steve Case crowdfunds America: SXSW Forbes exclusive[Video file]. Retrieved from

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