Assignment type: final essay | English homework help


Assignment Type: Final Essay

Topic: You will develop your own topic, as you have done throughout the course of the semester. 

Additional Instructions: You are required to borrow material from the primary source. You are also required to borrow material from at least 5 secondary sources. (two secondary sources are the movies are you to rent and watch, so you only need supply 3 additional sources. This could be a movie review, an autobiography, etc)

Ensure that there are at least two elements of borrowed material, cited, in each body paragraph of your essay, with the exception of borrowed material in the introductory paragraph and the conclusion. 

Ideally, each body paragraph should have a main idea whose core concept is taken directly from the primary source and is argumentative in nature. THEN, there should be at least 1 – 3 sentences – each a created specifically to support the main idea – BUT the core of these sentences should come from secondary sources.

 This is very important. Essays failing to include borrowed material, formatted correctly, and not cited, will receive no less than a 15 point penalty.


Essay Three – 35% of our overall grade. (1)


Essay    Three – 35% of our overall grade. (1)






This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome MLA format is essential!

Proper format is required. That means that MLA format must   be followed to the letter. Use your Purdue Owl resource to ensure you are   meeting the expectations of: A properly formatted heading; sentence and   paragraph spacing; a properly formatted running head; properly formatted   margins.

  This also includes properly formatted borrowed material.

  Finally, look closely at the sample Works Cited page.
  You cannot merely copy and paste URL addresses onto the Works Cited page. You   must follow the same format presented in Purdue Owl, including all   publication material.

20.0 pts


This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome This is an Argumentative Essay – Summary has   no place here.

You have smoothly transitioned from summary to   argumentation. Now the essay is dominately argumentative. That means the only   time you implement summary will be to establish context for the reader. Any   summary other than that will hinder your possibility to earn a good grade.

20.0 pts


This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Grammar and mechanics

Use academic language, word choice, phrases, and tone   throughout the essay. Avoid contractions, colloqualisims, jargon, convoluted   sentences, fragments, awkwardly constructed sentences, vague pronoun usage,   missing subjects, etc.

10.0 pts


This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Structure and Development

This is essential:

  Your essay must be well developed. Your thesis is the backbone of the paper.   Without a thesis, no quality grade can be given.

  The main ideas are the legs for that backbone. Make them strong, logical,   appropriately presented of sequence, relevant, connected, and based on an   idea from the primary source that led you to the thesis statement you present   in the introductory paragraph, ‘
  Make sure your body paragraphs have one and only one main idea and that the   main idea directly supports the thesis statement written.

  Extract your supporting ideas from both the primary source and the secondary   sources. The more the better.

  Create strong transitions into and out of body paragraphs. This is essential   for a smooth following essay.

50.0 pts


Total   Points: 100.0

this essay is WORTH 100 POINTS!!!!!

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