Case problem:u.s. department of transportation

Please read all instructions and review all information to make sure you understand what to do. Look at all submit information to make sure you can read.

I. Managerial Report Questions 

1. Correctly answer “all” sub-questions of the Managerial Report for the assigned Case Problem in your textbook.

II. Progress of Draft Preparations


2. Submit the draft of “Introduction” and “Data File” parts 

3. Submit the draft of “Hypothesis”, “Methodology”, and “Data Analysis” parts o

III. Technical Report Questions (a maximum of 50 points)

4. Final Introduction of the Case Problem ( at least ½ page but no more than 3 pages long)

5. Final Data Description of the Case Problem ( please refer to Figure 3.8 on P. 133 “and” provide detailed explanations about relevant data description)

6. Final Test Hypothesis Statement ( please refer to the Highlight for Equation (14.19) on P. 650, Equation (14.21) on P. 652, Equation (15.14) on P. 723, or Equation (15.15) on P. 727.)

7. Final Methodology Description ( Z-test, T-test, or F-test, and why?)

8. Final Data Analysis Results 

(a) Show the Calculated Test statistics 

(b) Apply the Critical Values Approach 

(c) Apply the p-value Approach

(d) Check Model Assumptions ( Residual Analysis on PP. 670-680 and on PP. 742-745 for the check of normality, independency, E(e) = 0, and Var(e) =constant.)

9. Final Conclusion (at least ½ page but no more than 3 pages)

10. Appendix ( please attach your Excel print-out from Data Analysis add-in)

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