Cla600 module 8 mini essay assignment


CLA600 Module 8 Mini Essay Assignment

Criminal Law Mini-Essay Assignment

NOTE: This Criminal Law Assignment is only for students enrolled in Criminal Law. If you are not enrolled in Criminal Law, you must click on the link that says, “Contracts Fact Pattern.”

Please follow the steps below to complete your mini essay Assignment. Please note – this is a CLOSED BOOK ASSIGNMENT. Do not use your notes, outlines, books, or any other resource to complete this Assignment. There is no specific page limit or time limit for this Assignment. 

Write an answer for the following fact pattern:

While hunting in a remote area of the woods, Prem sees a movement in the bushes. Although he cannot see what moved, he believes it to be a deer and fires his rifle into the bush. In fact, the movement was caused by Vijay, who was a hiker who had become disoriented. Vijay dies as a result of the gunshot wound.

Discuss Prem’s criminal liability for the death of Vijay.

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