Comparing and contrasting two human service professionals

This project is comparing and contrasting 2 Human Service professionals from 2 different movies of your choice. The Human Service professional should be one of the main characters in the movie. The movies need to demonstrate that the main character helps to improve the overall quality of life for others and show how vulnerable populations are oppressed and marginalized.  


A. Submit by due date in class (ELECTRONICALLY) B. Format: APA Style (if you need assistance PGCC library has great resources to assist) C. 10 pages (which includes the cover, running head, and reference page) 


a. Summary of each film 

 b. Explain the ​2 main characters role as a Human Service professional 


c. Compare and contrast the main characters as it relates to oppression, empowerment and marginalization. 


d. Research and discuss the impact of oppression, empowerment, and marginalization as it relates to helping individuals with mental illness.  


e. Discuss the challenges human service agencies have had over the years in providing services to individuals with mental illness.  


f. Indicate the impact of viewing these films on you as a prospective human  service professional and how much more should be done to educate others regarding mental illness is only an illness, not a disease. 



You will need to use a minimum of 7 sources in your comparison and contrast paper. Sources: 2                  movies, textbook, along with other peer-reviewed journal articles, government websites can be used to complete this assignment.  

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