Due today…… 10 hours…… please read

this is due in 10 hours…… no late work……. please read 

Based on Kinesiology in California 

do the following:   you can make up a name and where the person works at but make sure where they work is in los angeles area. So google and pick a place in los angeles, ca 

  1. Conduct an interview with a person who works in a physical education, exercise science, physical therapy, or sport field. Do not just provide answers to these questions as statements from the person interviewed.  Rather, write (must be typed) a summary and analysis of what you learned from this interview.  This report should be no more than three double-spaced pages.  A total of 50 points can be earned through this assignment.   This paper will be graded using this rubric with the potential number of points:

(41 – 50)

  • Describes in detail, with examples of responses provided, insights into the preparation, responsibilities, and perspectives of the individual interviewed.
  • Provides an in-depth personal analysis of what you learned from the person interviewed that may help you in your career.
  • Is clearly written as expected for an undergraduate student in college.

(20 – 40)

  • Describes a broad overview of the background and work of the person interviewed.
  • Provides only one or two pieces of information learned from the person interviewed that may help you in your career.
  • Is somewhat clear, but shows a lack of in-depth understanding and clarity in writing.

(0 – 19)

  • Lists only questions and the responses to these questions.
  • Includes no analysis of the lessons learned.
  • Is poorly written indicating limited thought and editing.

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