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For this assignment, you will identify people (positions) who are affected by or involved in the transfer enrollment process (stakeholders), their offices/departments within the university, and their roles/interests in the process*. In other words, “Who has a dog in the transfer fight?”

 (See below paragraph for the roles I want to use for my positions)(view attached position paper)


Use PowerPoint or the drawing function in Word to display the information graphically on slides or paper. Arrange stakeholder textboxes according to their level of authority on campus. The person/position with the highest level of authority will appear at the top of the slide or paper and the person/position with the lowest level of authority will appear at the bottom of the slide or paper. Boxes may be grouped at different levels in between 

Each textbox should include the following information:

1. Stakeholder’s position 

2. Office/department within university 

3. Interest/role in process 

Assignment length: 1–2 pages

*****paragraph the roles at my fictional university (Apex)****

State Apex University has five major stakeholders groups who play different roles to ultimately complete the institution vision and mission. Administrators are responsible for the maintenance as well as supervision of the university. Academic staffs are also critical in matters of academics. They include professors of different ranks, lecturers and also to mention researchers. Their role in the transfer enrollment process is to support systems for retaining transfer students and more importantly help transfer students persist to graduation

*****Resources to use for this project (I will provide you my Walden log in to access the below library resources)******

Rhine, T., Milligan, D., & Nelson, L. (2000). Alleviating transfer shock: Creating an environment for more successful transfer students. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 24(6), 443-453.

Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

Keller, J. (2009). At transfer time in California, thousands of students hit a dead end. Chronicle of Higher Education, 56(7), A1-A20.

Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

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