Human Rights, 3000w Distinction Grade essay

Human Rights Essay (University of Lincoln Assessment)
The purpose of this individual project is to explore your understanding of
human rights theory and practice, along with your ability to construct an
argument based upon the careful consideration of suitable sources.
It asks that you show awareness of approaches to human rights activism,
knowledge of appropriate systems for rights protection and an in-depth
understanding of human rights theory.
The project should be presented in a clear, concise and analytical manner,
showing clear evidence of engagement with and evaluation of the arguments
presented in the literature around rights.
Format for Assessment: (This is for guidance to show how to meet the
criteria; alternative formats are acceptable so long as they cover these key
topics in a way that is clearly structured)
Introduction (Suggested word count 200)
Always begin your work with an introduction. Briefly outline what the reader can expect
to learn from your work.  
Outline your chosen theme/area of interest (Suggested 300 words).  
This could be:  
A) A particular right in a particular state (e.g. freedom of assembly in Poland). 
B) A ‘set’ of rights in a particular state (e.g. the protection of ‘migrant workers’ in
the UK, women’s rights in Nicaragua). 
c) A particular set of rights at the regional or international level (e.g. indigenous
rights, the rights of people with disabilities). 
Use this section to introduce your topic. What is the problem and why do you
think it is happening? You might like to use graphics, statistics, images and/or
personal testimonies to help inform and persuade your audience.
Analyse the main rights advocacy/activist groups in relation to your
topic/area of interest (Suggested 300 words)
Identify the core groups/individuals who you feel are the major forces for change
in your topic area and discuss the problems and possibilities of their approach.
Use the literature on activism to help you.
Evidence knowledge and understanding of human rights systems (Suggested
500 words).
Examine how your issue has been responded to (or not) by a particular rights system
(e.g. domestic, regional or international). What been done by your chosen system? Be
sure to assess the response to your chosen topic thus far. Has there been

‘progress’?  Why/why not?  What might your chosen system do in the future? Outline 3
to 4 targeted recommendations and explain the rationale for these. 
Evidence engagement with and analysis of human rights theory (Suggested 1500
Use this section to critically analyse the theoretical perspective(s) which have/has
informed your project’s approach to human rights. 
Conclusion (Suggested 200 words) 
Close your work by bringing all of the strands of your work together. Re-emphasise your
argument and its persuasiveness.

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