4000 words, Distinction Grade Public International Law essay, Manchester Metropolitan University

Distinction Grade Public International Law 4000 words essay

“State sovereignty is at odds with a diverse international society.” Do you agree or disagree
with the previous statement? Why?
Discuss. Include in your discussion a case study.

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.
1. Explain the fundamental concept and operation of a chosen area of international law
with the use of advanced theoretical approaches and practical case examples.
2. Critically assess national and international theories and practice on this topic, regard
being had to the wider political and geopolitical contexts.
3. Evaluate contemporary legal and policy developments in several areas of international
law, as they relate to the question, with the aid of advanced scholarly and practice-
based works.
4. Address complex legal issues in the chosen area of international law, make sound and
well-reasoned judgments and communicate clearly and coherently in writing.
5. Carry out and use independent research into a wide range of complex material in
these areas of international law to underpin sophisticated analysis, synthesis and
Faculty of
Business and Law

Submission Instructions:

Background and Context:
The purpose of this assessment is to determine your ability to understand one important
concept that permeates Public International Law, and work with the legal materials that
provide answers to how this concept has a far-reaching effect on other topics and aspects of
the Law of Nations. You are expected to demonstrate an advanced ability to deal with complex
judgements and transactions and analyse your findings in its wider legal context. In doing this,
you should draw reasoned conclusions based on the analysis and determinations you have

What you MUST do:
 Allow as much time as possible to plan and complete your work, do not leave it until the
last minute.
 Undertake a high level of level of independent research.
 Use OSCOLA referencing appropriately and throughout.
 Use grammatically correct English, free of errors.
 Proof read your work.
 Attend supporting tutorials and lectures.
 You must use your own words – the assignment is designed to demonstrate YOUR
knowledge (please see the short section on plagiarism).
 Only use quotes that are short where the impact of the author’s viewpoint would be lost
if it was expressed in your own words. As a general rule is shows a much higher level of
knowledge and understanding to express an author’s opinion in your own words, still
referencing the source.
 Carefully check your Turnitin report.
 Inform the unit leader if you have a personal learning plan which contains matters
relevant to the submission of the assessment and in respect of written coursework
requires an extension before the end of term.
 Word count limitation: 4000 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography).
 Footnotes must only include sources. Footnotes must not be used to include other
What you must NOT do:
 Do not use Wikipedia or other inappropriate web sites.
 Fail to comply with any of the submission instructions.

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