Manchester Metropolitan University, Health care and Human Rights

Health care and Human Rights
Assignment Task: Critically evaluate of the jurisprudence of the ECHR in relation
to the application of Article [ insert an article of your choice here] in relation to
Healthcare matters.

Assignment details and instructions:
 Essay
You should construct a 2000 word essay which evaluates rulings of the European Court of
Human Rights in their application of an article within the European Convention on Human
Rights. You should consider judgements which pertain widely to the subject of health and
social care. Please make sure to review the marking criteria below which requires you to attain
in the areas of; written English, legal knowledge, application, evaluation and appraisal.

 Bibliography
At the end of your essay paper, you must include a bibliography following the
OSCOLA referencing system. Details on the OSCOLA system are found on the
Moodle page and via the library website.
Your bibliography does not form part of the word count.

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