Mbaln-736a enterprise information systems midterm examination

 Questions 1) Explain the differences and focus of MIS systems and KMS systems. Research online, present a specific company that most benefits from each type of system, analyse how each company uses the system and explain the benefits that each system provides for the specific company. (1000 words) 2) Based on the theory presented in the course and other research on IS, present an outline of an MIS solution for a medium to large company that offers either products or services to its clients. Consider the organizational strategy, the functionalities and the applications. (700 words) 3) Apply Porter’s competitive forces model in a bank. Make recommendations on how current IS, online collaboration, Web 2.0, Social Networks and the increasing popularity of mobile devices could benefit the bank and its customers. In your analysis have a separate section UNICAF ENTERPRISE INFORMATION SYSTEMS [MBALN-736A] 3 that discusses the security implications of the above technologies for the bank and for the customers of the bank. (800 words) 

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