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ChChapter 2


1.   Kimberly Ortiz strongly believes in working for a company which promotes diversity. She believes that such organizations are respectful of differences and allow employees more exposure. She recently attended an interview where she was told that the company follows policies which focus on organizational diversity. However, when she finally joined the company, she had a strong feeling that company’s claim was not true. Which of the following, if true, weakens Kimberly’s belief that the company does not encourage diversity?


2.   diversity refers to diversity in observable attributes such as race, ethnicity, sex, and age.


3.   Which of the following is true of surface-level diversity?


4.   Differences in indicate surface-level diversity.


5.   Which of the following most likely indicates surface-level similarity?


6.   diversity refers to diversity with respect to attributes that are less easy to observe initially but that can be inferred after more direct experience.


7.   Which of the following best represents deep-level similarity?




8.   Malcolm Industries recently hired a large number of workers for the company’s new construction factory in Colorado. During the hiring process, the management made a clear effort to recruit physically strong individuals because the work at the factory involves manual labor. The jobs needed to be performed by individuals who had the energy and physical stamina to work for long hours. Which of the following surface-level characteristics did the company most likely concentrate on when selecting the new workers?


9.   A difference in would indicate deep-level diversity.


10.               differences between people represent deep-level diversity.


11.               The management at Climate Action Development needs to recruit campaign managers for its Renewable Energy Project. They are looking for candidates who are assertive, extroverted, and who can tackle challenges head-on. Which of the following deep-level characteristics should they focus on to best help them recruit the right candidate for the job?


12.               The human resources department of Orbit Bank believes in being unbiased toward all employees and treating them fairly. They believe it is crucial that the company treat all their employees equally. However Susan Daniels, an employee at the bank, recently filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that she was discriminated against. Which of the following, if true, best justifies Susan’s action?


13.               In a workplace, involves overt threats or bullying directed at members of specific group of employees.


14.               April’s colleague Nathan has consistently pestered her to go out on a date with him. Though she has refused his offer several times, he keeps persisting. She found an envelope on her desk from Nathan with inappropriate pictures and cartoons, which left her infuriated. She now intends to go discuss the matter with the human resource department of her company. Which of the following forms of discrimination is April most likely to cite?


15.               Which of the following refers to kind of discrimination which refers to overt threats or bullying directed at members of specific groups of employees?


16.               Which of the following is the best example of use of intimidation?


17.               Hazel Samuels has been working at her company for the past two years and consistently gets yelled at by her manager even when she is not at fault. He often makes derogatory references to her ethnicity. In addition, during team meetings, she is his target for practical jokes and nasty pranks. She is extremely upset and decides not to be subjected to such treatment any longer. Which of the following kinds of discrimination is she most likely to report to the human resource department in such a situation?


18.               Which of the following is the best example of mockery as a tool of discriminatory treatment in organizations?


19.               A person who is made fun of because he is an Arab-American is being subjected to  a kind of discrimination in work environments.


20.               Stacy Hanes is an African-American woman who has recently taken her first job and does not seem to like the work environment at all. Her colleagues put down her ideas at team meetings and refer to them as ‘stupid.’ In addition, they make fun of her race and often ask her if she is educated enough to work for the company. Which of the following kinds of discrimination is Hanes most likely subject to?


21.               which may occur intentionally or unintentionally, refer to keeping certain people in a work place away from job opportunities, social events, discussions, or informal mentoring.


22.               Jill Ivey has been working as a sales executive at orbit Bank for the last two years. However, she has notice that she is often not given an opportunity to attend training programs that her team members attend every quarter. She also is disappointed about the fact that she never gets to handle corporate clients, which provides better chances of a promotion. Which of the following kinds of discrimination is she most likely to have been subjected to?


23.               Women being assigned marginal job roles that do not lead to promotion is an example of the form of discrimination.


24.               Which of the following is true of workplace discrimination?


25.               Which of the following is a biographical characteristic of an employee?


26.               Which of the following is true of biographical characteristics?


27. Which of the following explains why the relationship between age and job performance is likely to be increasing importance during the next decade?


28. Raylon Inc. is in the process of recruiting a new Operations Manager. The Human Resources team has narrowed the candidate list down to two candidates, but cannot come to an agreement about whom to hire. Though both candidates have the relevant qualifications for the post, one will soon be 60 years old. The other candidate is in his early thirties. Rachel, a member of the HR team, recommends hiring the older candidate, citing his years of experience and leadership ability. Tim, on the other hand, strongly recommends that the company hire the younger candidate, as he is likely to be more flexible when it comes to working. Which of the following, if true, will most strengthen Rachel’s argument?


29. Which of the following is the most likely reason why employers should employ older workers?


30. Thurman Inc., a manufacturing company in Vermont, needs to hire employees for their new office in the city. The positions require the employees to travel across the country regularly. The management has specified that they are looking for employees below the age of 40 who are young and dynamic. Which of the following beliefs is the management most likely to hold?


31. Angela Wells recently applied for a job at Spiga, a lounge in Paris. Having worked in several restaurants and lounges in and across France, she was confident that he would get the job. However, soon after the interview, she was informed that another candidate was offered the job, even though the other candidate had limited experience in comparison to her. Angela feels that she was discriminated against. Which of the following, if true, would best justify Angela’s assumption?


32. Raylon Inc. needs to hire a new Floor Supervisor. As the company has recently made an effort to increase diversity within the organization, the HR team wants to hire a qualified female candidate for the role, instead of adequately qualified male candidates. However, top management insists that optimal performance is the top priority and that the candidate hired should be the person best suited for the job. Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen HR’s case for hiring the female candidate?


33. refers to the biological heritage people use to identify themselves.


34. Green Planet, an environmental organization, recently opened an office in Indonesia. The organization is currently looking for employees to staff a deforestation project in the country. They need to recruit individuals who understand the intricacies of Jakarta’s culture, the mindset of the locals, and are fluent I the local language. Which of the following are they most likely to consider while they recruit for these positions?


35. may be defined as an individual’s current capacity to perform the various tasks in a job.


36. is a dimension of intellectual ability which refers to ability to do speedy and accurate arithmetic.


37. is a dimension of intellectual ability which refers to the ability to understand what is read or head and the relationship of words to each other.


38. refers to a dimension of intellectual ability which involves identifying a logical sequence in a problem and using this logical sequence to solve the problem.


39. is a dimension of intellectual ability which involves using logic to assess the implications of an argument.


40. Which of the following best describes spatial visualization?


41. Rene Cox works as a media officer in a global forest protection organization. Her job requires her to interact with a large number of people from the press with whom she needs to establish strong professional relationships. This requires her to remember a large number of people’s names and the organizations with which they are associated. Which of the following dimensions of intellectual ability will best help her accomplish this task?


42. Gina Sanchez, an architect in California, is renovating an old school building and turning it into a retail and entertainment space. She must decide how the existing layout can be redesigned and modified to best suit the new uses. Which of the following dimensions of intelligence will most help Gina reimagine the existing building?


43. Irene Jones, a project manager at a water conservation foundation, is holding a team meeting to discuss the different modes of spreading awareness about the issue of water conservation to the public. A team member, John Sullivan, states that using broadcasting media is the best way to reach out to the public. On the other hand, Pamela Riley states that print media is the right medium to spread word about the issue. Jones is now weighing the pros and cons of both her team members’ suggestions before choosing the medium which will be most appropriate for the water conservation project. Which of the following dimensions of intellectual ability is Jones most likely to be using to make her decision?


44. A market researcher who uses his ability to identify a logical sequence to predict demand for a new line of winter clothing is using the dimension of intellectual ability.


45. Jeremy Samuels works in the police department of California. His job often requires him to observe clues that criminals leave behind. His job is to analyze these clues which help the department catch the criminal. Which of the following dimensions of intellectual ability does Samuels most likely have?


46. Lorna Perry, who works in a financial firm in Michigan, is required to calculate a large number of clients’ accounts daily. She needs to tally figures and check accuracy at a high speed. Which of the following dimensions of intellectual ability does Perry most likely use?


47. Audrey Smith is a renowned psychiatrist in New Jersey. While interacting with patients, she needs to understand their points of view by listening intently to what they say. It is important that she understand their problems do that she can offer advice. In such a situation, Smith is using the dimension of intellectual ability.


48 refers to an overall factor of intelligence as suggested by the positive correlations among specific intellectual ability dimensions.


49. The is the most widely used intelligence test in hiring decisions and takes only twelve minutes to be completed.


50. may be referred to as the capacity to undertake tasks that demand stamina, dexterity, and strength.


51. refers to the ability to exert force against external objects.


52. Which of the following is a kind of physical ability which refers to the ability to make rapid, repeated flexing movements?


53. Which of the following best describes the physical ability known as trunk strength?


54. Which of the following best describes the physical ability known as dynamic strength?


55. Which of the following best describes the physical ability known as dynamic flexibility?


56. The ability to move the trunk and back muscles as far as possible is known as


57. The physical ability that allows a body to maintain equilibrium despite opposing forces is known as


58. The physical ability that allows a body to continue maximum effort at maintaining prolonged effort over time is known as

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