Organized crime research paper | Criminal homework help

You will be writing a 6 page research paper for this class. You will choose a topic related to organized crime. Once you have chosen your topic, you will then develop a research question pertaining to topic. Your research paper will cover information pertaining to research question. Use quotes and paraphrasing appropriately, back up your views and opinions with research that can be cited.  You are not an expert in this field therefore, you need to use in-text citations throughout your paper. Using a previously submitted paper is not allowed, using research paper from another class is not allowed and is considered cheating. 

You are required to write your paper in APA format. The rules and guide can be found on Owl Purdue or visit the writing center. Your paper is 6 pages in length of actual research.** 9 total (title, abstract, reference).

Your paper should feature: (1) a clear thesis statement (i.e. “In this paper I will argue…”); (2) key ideas of relevant articles/books/ sources that you find; (3) a clear, well -reasoned argument; (4) conclusion that recaps the main points of your argument.

**First person is not allowed in formal writing

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