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 Debate Paper: I have an paper, but I need you to fix it following the below direction.

 Reform (Liang Qichao) and Revolution (Sun Yat-sen) Sources: The source for this paper I upload in the attachment named as: Lecture 14 & 15 & The Anti-Manchu Revolution Hu Hanmin and Sun Yat-sen & Liang Qichao

PAPER PROMT: Please read clearly before you start to write the paper

In this essay, you need to convince why Liang Qichao have better qualified than Sun Yet_Sun to lead China.

You need  to understand the general political situation in China in 1905-06. You should be clear about the state of affairs within China and China’s position in the world.

You have to write at least 2 paragraphs analyzing the state of affairs in China and China’s position facing international challenges.

You also have to write at least 3 paragraphs answering the three parts of the questions listed below.

1)  What are your ideologies? Why are they suitable for 1905-06’s China and better than those of your rivals?

2) You should understand the position of your own group (your potential followers, the economic and material resources you have, what kinds of people you could influence) and have a general idea of the position of your rivals.

3) How are you going to convince the Chinese people to follow you? How are you going to compete with, ally with, attract support from, or undermine your rivals?

The debate paper is total 5 pages, please use the source that I uploaded in the attachment. Also cited with the pages number.

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