Profile of a struggling company: toyota

Toyota (specific to recalls over the last decade) 

 The Toyota Recall

  What Really Happened to Toyota?

 Can Toyota Recover Its Reputation for Quality?

In this assignment, analyze the company’s (Toyota) ineffective implementation of the fundamental principles of management. Once you analyze the struggling company, your task will be to make recommendations for a management improvement plan explaining how the company’s management team can improve in areas such as decision making, employee performance, and sustainability.

Analyze how an organization’s goals influence organizational planning that informs strategic decision making

 Analyze the functions of management and ethical principles for executing effective decision making in organizations

 Apply management techniques that ensure the continuous improvement of personnel and business processes to measure organizational performance

  Apply communication techniques aimed at increasing employee performance, thus achieving organizational goals and objectives

 Illustrate the important connection between management and organizational culture

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

I. Profile of a Struggling Company

 a. Assess how the current management planning practices interfere with or prohibit the organization’s ability to optimally function. You could consider using the fundamental principles of management in your explanation.

b. Describe how the employees’ perception and organizational culture have been impacted by management’s performance. You could consider the connections between management and its impact on culture.

c. Explain how communication has played a part in management’s inability to increase employee performance. You could consider the connections to specific communication barriers that exist within the organization.

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