University of Hull, Public International Law 4000 words excellent essay

Public International Law – Essay, 4000 words essay Titles
Answer ONE of the following questions:
1. Fragmentation poses a threat to the international legal system. Discuss.
2. To what extent may a State exercise jurisdiction outside of its own territory?
3. Should reservations to multilateral treaties be permitted?

Assessment Submission (for student information)
eSubmission is the approved method for your programme of study. You must hand in your
assessed Assignment(s), for all modules that you are taking during the 2022/23 Academic
Year using the Canvas system. Submission of a printed copy is NOT allowed. You should
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Assignments must be submitted by the date and time stipulated.
Deadlines will be strictly adhered to. Students submitting late, and who do not have additional considerations
approved by the Additional Consideration Committee, will be subject to penalties for late submission specified by the University. Please note that Saturday and and Sunday are treated as
“working days” for the purposes of the late submission policy.

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