Recruit & select hum resources

I would like you to read the PowerPoint and follow the direction and especially the last 2 slides. I have uploaded some pictures about the companies that you may want to search about or you may not do that If you could make it look real that I went the career conference and did that interview. all what you need to do is that   


Second, reflect on your experience (500-700 words in total). Respond to these specific questions below. 

1.What did the company do in their efforts to gain your interest? For example, did he or she appear interested in sharing information with you, or perhaps interest in learning about your qualifications? 

2.Was their recruitment tactic effective in your opinion or not? What made this company’s approach more or less effective. 

3.Based on your experience with the recruiter, would you choose to pursue employment (actually apply) with this company? Why or why not? 

Submit your response to the dropbox by Saturday, Sept. 30th, 11:59 p.m.

keep in mind my major is Human resources or business administration.

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