Social welfare | Psychology homework help


Social Work Practice with Individuals
Answer the questions below.

1. An HHS worker should have a _____ towards clients. 

☐ dominance

☐ aggressive nature

☐ powerful attitude

☐ a nonjudgmental attitude

2. It is very important to focus on a client’s _____ to empower a client. 

☐ Strengths

☐ fears

☐ abuse

☐ remorse

3. It is important for an HHS worker to have good _____ skills while communicating with clients. 

☐ team

☐ physical  

☐ interviewing

☐ vocal

4. The goal of _____ is to assist clients toward acceptable resolution of their problems and to address their unmet needs. 

☐ acceptance 

☐ intervention 

☐ retaliation

☐ punishment

5. __________ is when an HHS worker and client work together to identify intervention options to address client needs and to help clients overcome their issues. 

☐ social injustice

☐ forced awareness

☐ goal setting

☐ forced beliefs


Social Work Practice with Agencies and the Community
Answer the questions below.


6. ________ are defined as spaces, interactions and identifications that people share with others in place-specific and non-place-specific locations. 

☐ Stores  

☐ Jails  

☐ Communities  

☐ Schools  

7. Neighborhood and community _______ focuses on having community members come together and advocate around quality-of-life issues (e.g.; air quality, pollution, etc.). 

☐ parties  

☐ aftermaths

☐ punishment

☐ organizing

8. Many non-profit ______ agencies rely on donations and grant funding to provide social welfare services. 

☐ for-profit 

☐ voluntary 

☐ global bank

☐ none of these apply

9. Evidenced-based practice involves using the most current, best_____ to make informed decisions.  

☐ evidence 

☐ vocabulary

☐ terms

☐ justice 

10. _________________ are places where people go for help when problems arise. 

☐ Social welfare agencies

☐ court houses

☐ fire stations

☐ schools


Critical Thinking Questions
Answer the questions below.


11.  Self-Help groups serve a vital purpose in the field of Human Services. Examples of well-known self-help groups include: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous. Think of someone you know that has gone to a self-help group. Without giving detailed information about the person, please describe what type of self-help group they were a part of. Did the group help the person? If so, how were they assisted and if not, what did they hope to get out of the group? If you’ve not known anyone involved in a self-help group, please identify a self-help group and explain the main purpose of the group. 

Type  answer here

12. Explain why intervention is such an important step in assisting clients by describing a situation in which a client might need an intervention and list 2 types of services or resources you could refer a client to. 


Describe a   situation                                           2 types of   services or resources          

Type answer here                                                     a. Type answer here


                                                                                  b. Type answer here  



13. Goal setting is another important factor in helping clients overcome their problems. Why is it important to develop short and long-term goals with clients during the goal setting process? In one paragraph, explain why it is important to set both long-term and short-term when working with clients

Type answer here


Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below.  You may choose to respond in writing or by recording a video!

14. HHS professionals work with many vulnerable populations that may not be capable of making their own decisions. Describe a situation in which an agency may be responsible for making decisions for their clients. How can they ensure that they are acting in the clients’ best interest?

Type answer here

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