The Politics and Processes of Foreign Policy – Essay

Foreign Policy Essay
1. Provide a critical analysis of the role of international law and international
regimes to control and prevent armed conflict between states. Discuss
examples to illustrate the success vs the failure of international norms and
2. Discuss and provide a critical analysis of the development of global financial
governance since World War II. How do you explain the underlying reasons
for the most recent global financial crisis and how can the measures to
stabilise the global financial system since then be assessed.

3. Discuss the basic principles of foreign policy analysis and the models of
decision-making. To what extent is the “rational actor” model plausible given
the impact of domestic politics and bureaucratic processes of decision-
3. Discuss the idea that the world is moving into a new era of Great Power
confrontation and discuss the main factors that could give rise to armed
4. To what extent did the Renaissance period see the birth of a ‘new diplomacy’?

5. ‘Only very painstakingly prepared summit meetings have any chance of
success.’ Discuss.

6. “Economic sanctions are ineffective instruments of foreign policy” Discuss
using the examples of Iran and Russia.

7. Critically discuss the efforts to contain the spread of nuclear weapons
technology by means of an international regime. To what extent can it be said to
have been successful? In the light of Russia’s nuclear threats in the Ukraine War,
do you think there may be further challenges to the NPT?

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