To compose simple messages, you may need only to make a scratch list

To compose simple messages, you may need only to make a scratch list of your ideas before writing. Many messages, however, may require you to make an outline to organize your thoughts.

Use the scratch list to answer the question that follows.


The Boston Hotel


High-end linens


600-thread-count sheets


Coffee maker with selected teas


Imported beer


Fresh-squeezed juices




Food and drink


Double-thick bath towels


Silk pillowcases


Raw silk curtains with gold embellishments


$100/night four-star rooms


Free snacks, shampoo, and conditioner


Free wireless Internet

You have been asked to organize the items on the scratch list into an outline for your supervisor. You have completed the outline when your supervisor sends you a quick e-mail with the additional scratch list that follows. Your supervisor wants you to include the items on the new scratch list that fit into your existing outline.


Evening wine tasting


Sparkling water






Four-star hotel restaurant




Proximity to downtown shopping


Indoor pool

Which subpoints should you include in your outline?

[removed]Sparkling water, evening wine tasting, four-star hotel restaurant

[removed]Safety, indoor pool, proximity to downtown shopping

[removed]Safety, communication, cleanliness

Once you have prepared your outline, you need to put the information into an organizational pattern that you determine based on how your audience will react to your message.

Suppose you receive the following e-mail at work. Read the message, and then complete the sentence that follows.

You will receive a bonus in your next paycheck. The sales department exceeded its goals this month for the third time this quarter. Congratulations!

In this message, the indirect or direct organizational pattern is used.

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